About Us

We Make It Easy To Recycle

Dear Neighbor,

As the owner of Ready Recycles, a curbside.recycle pick up business here in the Valley, I am very excited to be able to offer you the convenience of our services. Most people want to recycles and would be able to do more if it was simple, convenient, and affordable. Ready Recycles has the solution! For a very reasonable rate(residential plans start at $25.00 per month) , we will pick up your recyclables, sort them for you, and deliver them to the local recycling center. By making the choice to recycle, you will be preserving another precious resource on this planet for future generations, and safeguarding the beauty and sustainability of this land we live in. Let us help you turn your garbage into useful commodities. 


Renee Dawkins (Owner)

Kurt Dawkins (Operator)